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If you are purchasing, leasing, or selling real estate in Pennsylvania, a realtor is not the only person to provide legal advice. Real estate transactions require the help of a real estate attorney. At Peters, Moritz, Peischl, Zulick, Landes & Brienza LLP, our real estate lawyers are dedicated to helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions about properties.

A real estate lawyer will be able to advise you prior to signing a contract, as well as represent you through the closing process. In the event of a real estate dispute, we are prepared to litigate your case as well. Find out more ways that our team can help your transaction when you call our office today.


Whether facing a real estate dispute or if you just need legal help to make an informed decision regarding a real estate transaction, seek the help of a real estate attorney from our firm. Our firm has a reputation for its high ethical standards and professionalism. For years, Peters, Moritz, Peischl, Zulick, Landes & Brienza LLP has been helping clients with all their real estate needs and can help you as well.

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A law firm located on Nazareth's historic Center Square.

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