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Years of Experience

If you have reached the point in a dispute where it seems there is no suitable resolution, it is time to call the attorneys at Peters, Moritz, Peischl, Zulick, Landes & Brienza LLP.

In many disputes, it takes a third party who can look at the situation objectively and provide legal insight. Our firm excels at providing ways for our clients to resolve their disputes through an alternative dispute resolution process. This process takes place outside of the courtroom and enables our clients to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

With years of experience practicing law in Nazareth and the surrounding areas, our legal team can assist you in finding a reasonable resolution to your dispute that meets your legal goals. We seek out creative solutions on your behalf and we advocate for you in alternative dispute resolution so that you can obtain a favorable outcome.

Contact a lawyer at Peters, Moritz, Peischl, Zulick, Landes & Brienza LLP to learn more about how you can benefit from an alternative dispute resolution.

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A law firm located on Nazareth's historic Center Square.

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