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Years of Experience

After the passing of a loved one, you may find yourself having to administer their Estate while simultaneously mourning your loss.  Peters, Moritz, Peischl, Zulick, Landes & Brienza LLP will assist you in probating and administrating your family member’s Estate with experience and compassion. Our prompt, knowledgeable administration of Estates can save probate expenses and taxes.

As the executor or administrator of the Estate, you have the important task of administering the Estate efficiently and properly. The important duties assigned to the executor include:

  • Collecting and organizing Estate assets

  • Paying Estate debts

  • Minimizing Estate taxes liability

  • Paying the IRS the correct amount of death taxes

  • Preparing and filing inheritance tax forms with the IRS

  • Valuing, managing and liquidating Estate property

  • Locating beneficiaries

  • Collaborating as necessary with experts on real estate, automobiles or other assets

During this difficult time of loss and grieving, the demanding responsibilities of an executor or administrator can seem daunting but with our experienced attorneys, Probating your loved one's Estate just got a lot easier.

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